Down the river(s), without a paddle

As I put together all the basics of a Mississippi River trip, it is beginning to look as though option two – Cincinnatti or Louisville, Ky as starting points hold the most promise.  Down the Ohio River to Cairo, Il and the great Mississip.  1400 miles instead of 1800 (from Minneapolis) saves a small amount of time – but alot of mileage for the shuttle driver returning with the trailer.  This might help for the return from the Big Easy.

Its still coming together though, and also very nice to have some time.  For all the folks that have made the trip, whether on a raft – canoe – kayak – or a pontoon, thanks for the blogs – the information has been invaluable.

Soon it will be winter and the pontoon will come out of the water for some much needed upkeep and preparation, for things that just might be……………..down the river, without a paddle.

So I’m still here – and I’m still working on it.


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  1. River Rat
    Nov 02, 2008 @ 15:15:09

    Are you freakin’ insane??? Going down “Ole Miss” without a paddle??? I’m in…….Let’s build this thing.

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