Four More Months


All continues to come together – and with plenty of spare time in the winter months and the boat dry inside of the boathouse I have been able to make some much needed repairs for time on The River.  Most are complete, some minor electrical, a solar panel, most everything has been figured out and in ‘close proximity’  – even Bill and Max have shared some valuable insight and advice for the trip (thanks) – the name remains in limbo, but ‘Freebird’ remains a favorite.

Several folks have shown an interest in joining the trip for a period of time – a week or two, or more – and thats great, I would really love the company.  I suppose the biggest thing would be the logistics of dropping in, and then taking off  (if thats what you have to do) – it would be easier too if I knew exactly when I would be in the towns along the way – but at this time it is only a guess – there are always variables with this sort of trip (weather, etc)  so I will continue to work on some sort of time table – three aboard seems like a good number.

As close as I can tell, we should be in the water and near LaCrosse Wi. the 29th of May – from there I’m thinking Memphis on July 4th, but its all guesstimate and there are alot of great places and cities in between – the Upper Mississippi provides the most scenic opportunities, but the character of the river and the Towns that are available along the Lower Mississippi will provide entertaining stoppage and moments too.  I’ll try to do better as we get closer, but one of the neat things about the trip is to be able to float or just stop and enjoy a town for a day…..


Plans are for having a GPS tracker from iboattrack aboard (example) and a link on this site to provide exact location on the river in ‘real-time’ – maybe this will help.

So anyway I have done alot of reading lately, more so than I have in some years, The Mississippi and the towns along her are full of interesting facts and History – its been great preparation.

Thank you for your interest with all of this,  I’m ready to go!  Feet up…..


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Carl
    Feb 05, 2009 @ 21:29:50

    Tom ~~~ I always thought that a good solar panel would be good to keep the batteries charged for the trolling motor and other things running off 12 DC that you may want to take~~~ Also I think you could get as many solar lights that you can afford (they are pretty cheap) and have the boat lit up at night. If you had enough you could leave some turned off until later in the evening, that way you would have good light all night long. We use several in our motorhome when we go camping as night lights. Regards Carl

  2. Tom Haynie
    Feb 06, 2009 @ 09:27:04

    Thanks Carl, solar panel ready – it helped to do some research, evidently there are at least three different kinds available – I’ve considered a little solar strobe in place of my channel light up top – two of those independent solar wicker lights are on the list (Lowes), but they (and the bug-zapper) might confuse and keep the rooster awake (the one tied by one leg on the roof – (horn/lightning rod/food source (:-)) – bet you didn’t think of that…. Free-bird stew…… (just kidding animal lovers) – heck, maybe even a string of Christmas lights for the 4th of July.

    Definately pictures all the way – you’re never too old Carl……

  3. Carl
    Feb 09, 2009 @ 20:47:12

    Tom ~~~ The rooster thing sounds great !! ~~~~lol ~~ KFC anyone ?? Why stop there ??, you could get some hens and have eggs for breakfast or as you drift under the Chester. Ill bridge I could throw you some. I think during April and May the river will be moving pretty fast so I may miss ~~~~ LOL ~~~~ Carl

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