Two months to go…..

Counting down seems kind of silly, but I guess its a ‘benchmark’ that forces me to write something.

Mentally I’m pretty much as ready as I can be, I continue to work alot of extra hours while understanding that the end of a career is in sight – even though this has left me with alot less time to be home or to drive down and review any needs of the ‘bird’ (drink a beverage or two as I walk the deck ‘speculating’), but I believe all the bases are covered for the trip and its just a matter of creating a simple order of reassembly for water’s edge.

I am definitely looking forward to the adventure and excited about the time on the river (minimum 57 days/57 nights).


“Ok, see if there is anything to hide, these ‘coasties might be coming over to do a “Mom and Pop’s” (recreational boarding) …..”  horn, PFD, extinguisher ? – “check.”

Carl will join me for the first @ month and 700 miles of The ‘Upper Mississippi,’ that will be a big boost, the perfect start for what remains.  Kim’s cousin Mike will join up somewhere around St Louis for a few days or maybe even a week – from there I may be ‘solo’ for a distance down the ‘big chute.’  A week or so out of New Orleans I’m hoping that my cousin Lee will join me , that would be nice – but the constant remains – the ‘bird’ and I are headed South to New Orleans.  It would be nice to cover the distance with enough time left to make it across to Mobile – but we’ll just have to see – mother nature has her schedule too.

For now, the benchmark of one month to-go will be when the’ bird’ will leave the nest and return to the mountains (It is now at the Lake in SC 60 miles away).  Having the bird at home will be an opportunity to cover some final maintenance points with the motor – in the meantime, I like that its free from the rain inside the boathouse (nest).

S0 everything is fine and on track here – the truck and trailer are prepared for the trip to Minnesota – just needs to be loaded.  Two co-workers Jason W. and Brian L. will drop me off in La Crosse and return with the trailer – its all coming together, just a matter of a couple of months when we will find ourselves riding that massive current of Southbound water as it meanders through the heart of this nation – kinda like ‘hanging-ten’ on a dinosaur slug….

Just maybe the trip will provide me enough time to fully comprehend the correct words to relay ‘our take’ of the character, ambiance, and mystic that we find while riding this Great River…..

I appreciate all the support, interest, and enthusiasm that everyone has shown as this adventure has developed, it’s been a real help – its all been awesome….  thank you…..