On your mark……

This week;

Monday – Memorial Day Holiday, final pack – Mom/Kristi made a great afternoon lunch which we shared with Richard (Janis was working) – mowed the yard (will really miss mowing!!!), generally taking it easy with a beverage remembering little things………..

Tuesday – Normal work-day, 24 hours

Wednesday – Time to migrate North, leave from work and up the asphalt (or concrete) highway, travel day/nite.

Thursday – Arrive in La Crosse, Wi,¬† hopefully with some rest – final assembly in the Best Western Parking lot’- enjoy the evening. and a final nights rest in a real bed

Friday – the river adventure begins… Jason and Brian return with the truck

Saturday – a day and a night on the river, 56 more to go.

Sunday Рbe thankful as we appreciate the wonders around us

Note: Our friends the Hucksters have shoved off – two young men fresh out of college with a whole life ahead of them, in a canoe – enroute from upper Wisconsin to Nawleans – hope to catch up with them along the way.

(Water temperature at St Louis today, 71 degrees)