Day 31 New Orleans to ‘Bayou-self!’

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After thirty days of living on and along the Mississippi River, ‘Free-bird’ made it to the Canal St waterfront in New Orleans….


Seemed all the birds were happy for us…….



It was an interesting waterfront, old and deteriorated commercial wharves mixed among the well traversed and public Canal Street walk, which was busy with pedestrians catching a glimpse of the historic Mississippi.


I soon met up with Patrick’s (crew) daughter, and she escorted her father’s remains from the raft.  After a few words she congratulated him for completing his dream and allowed him to continue unencumbered towards the Gulf.  I feel great about his families efforts, all so nice.


With a passing thunderstorm lingering, and instead of heading for Bourbon Street (“doggone people”) – ‘Wilson’ and I made a decision to continue on – so with the wind and sun at my back, we putted on – Why Not? 

Thats what the whole trip has been about – doing it ‘your’ way..




So far it has been a great decision – waited alongside the Altro Donna for passage through the industrial canal.  My intent was of heading to the Yacht Club for the night – but instead stopped at a marina (Seabrook Harbor) just before Lake Pontchartrain.




After a little discussion with the dock-master I determined that the Inter-Coastal Waterway (ICW)  was more for me of what this trip has been about – time on the water, another good decision.  The weather was perfect for a cruise on these ‘new waters.’



It was a great change of pace from the Mississippi – again a breeze at my back and I knew that somewhere I would stop for the evening; but this time would be ‘different’ water and a new setting.



Seems like all the bayou’s have their name, if so I’ve got a name for this one – bayou ‘self’….. not that I mind at all, but as for Bourbon street – I guess the intercoastal was more appealing at the moment…


I’ve found a good place to anchor (in the mud), the horizon is dark blue on the bottom, green in the middle, and light blue with clouds on the top… all is very fine….



it was a complete day and a very interesting perspective of the activities along the local waterway……………

Next post, Day 32 – ICW to Biloxi

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  1. Jane & Harlon
    Jul 14, 2009 @ 15:18:18

    Tom, we are so glad you had the opportunity to “follow your dream.” I’m also happy you got to meet Adam and see a “little” of that area.

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