The Colonel Angus


One of the many lessons in life that I have been educated on – is that having an experience as a basis provides a greater scope of meaning when doing-it a second time”(little-circles). Somewhere within the value of comparison; fruition can happen.

My 32 days on the Mississippi a few years back was a satisfying adventure; yet, there’ are parts of it I’d like to see and do again…..  This time I’d like to add the Tenn-Tom (maybe more ICW) to the lower part of it.

Summer soon – not a kayak, but another platform….

I’m thinking a similar craft, same transient look; simple practicality.  Upper Mississippi, the Ohio river and down the Tenn-Tom to Mobile; and if all goes well – the ICW down the Gulf coast to SW Florida…. I got 10 years of barnacles on this rusty soul – I need my belly rubbed…..

– anyway, that’s what I’m thinking, and the boat name – most likely; “The Colonel Angus”…. 🙂