Day 19 Memphis 0 Miles

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100_2562As planned, O miles in Memphis today, nice break…..

A day at Mud Island Marina under the boat shelter, living the ‘marina’ life.  Folks have been especially nice, seems there was a storm that passed this way recently and knocked out some of their basic services (no spigot water) – they’ve done plenty to assist in any manner possible – fresh water and resupply for the next 200 mile (to Greenville, Ms) leg was on the top of my list.


Carl went and got a hotel room with a view (just kidding Carl),


– and asked if I wanted to come on over – I remained aboard in luxury accommodations (the shelter, a roof) to enjoy the ‘Marina life.’  I slept great – talked to Don Cook (the boat-rower) until midnight I think, and funny too because Carl said that he tossed and turned all night in that big fancy bed – in the 17 days he had been aboard he never had an ounce of trouble sleeping – finally gets a big fancy bed and rolls up in the sheets like his tent in the wind at Cape Girardeau.….


We took a walk to Beale St around lunch time, ate and listened to some ‘Blues,’ then walked to a few other establishments and generally just walked around downtown Memphis at 95 degrees!, Hot – fun and neat, but with clean laundry I’m ready to get back on the river where its a bit cooler than cement – but the electric trolley’s are really neat too.





Carls been a big help in the acclimation process of the river, he’s met his goals and is eager to get home and still have time to manage his construction project – his assistance will be missed, its hard to find a conscientious shipmate that will run out on the front of the boat and give me a depth ‘mark’ (where the ‘Mark Twain’ name came from) when approaching landfall – he fit in well and enjoyed it all to the max, as I knew he would.  Thanks Carl


So I’m solo, 200 miles to the next expected fuel depot (Greenville, Ms) communications may be sparse, if any, so like that guy in the rowboat ahead of me – we’re still just goin down the river…. I will be back when the electronics and river allows.


Next day, Day 20 – Memphis to Old Town Dikes

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